Meteor on Mobile Device using PhoneGap

Here is leaderboad example using meteor- Realtime score update on Mobile Device.

To run meteor app on mobile device using phonegap, First deploy on server, I use .I found bunch of files here, you need to change steam_client file to receive request from Phonegap mobile clients.

Step 1: Right click on page and see View page source, you can see lots of file there, If you want to make apk file at that time need to change “stream_clientbf90.js” file.


Change url to your serverURL. in “stream_clientbf90.js”file,apply change below:


The following example show a live-updating high score list.

First Take a look on Screenshot below:

Here is Web app:

Click on name and press button to add 5 pints.

You can also view live example here :- LeaderBoardDemo

Step 2: Build Apk File using Phonegap and deploy on Mobile device:
Code are same but just have URL change above from Step 1:

Download code and use dreamweaver or any Phonegap SDK enable IDE to make apk file.




Try that APK in Android enable Mobile Device, it works. :)
Take a look at mobile screenshot:

Entire  Package Found here :-
For apk file click here:- leaderboard.apk

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  1. Thanks for this! I’m turning these and more ideas into a package that will make it easier for folks to get started, at least those who are into console/cli stuff. Check

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